10th Day: Breakfast with Santa & Mrs. Claus

We had another nice day out with our community!  The tenth day was breakfast with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and lots of little helpers.

Brad had to work, but luckily was able to come for his lunch break and help me with the kids at breakfast.

Fun fact: did you know that Brad had to take an etiquette class while at boot camp?  Since Troopers are supposed to eat their lunch with the public (as part of community outreach efforts) the state wanted them all to have good etiquette and represent the state with pride.

While we were waiting for our fresh pancakes, Santa and Mrs. Claus made a point to come up to us and let Brad know how sincerely appreciated he is.  Then Santa bent down and told Marshall that his daddy has a very special and important job.  You could just see Marshall’s chest swell up with pride for his papa.

It’s fitting too, as right now one of the things at the top of Marshall’s list is walkie-talkies so he can talk to daddy while he’s at work like “how I will whenI’m a trooper too!”  He is dead set on being a brave troop like his daddy.

We got our food and sat down to enjoy.  Marshall made sure to eat extra good since Santa’s report card he received on the first day.

Once we were finished, we tried yet again to get a good picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  I was hoping that Vi would be more apt to sit with Mrs. Claus.  Except an overeager elf jumped in and grabbed Vi for the picture.  Sigh.  At least she’s not crying or screaming, right?  In fairness, Vi is pretty adorable and it’s hard to resist a cuddle from her.

Marshall made sure to let Santa and Mrs. Claus know what was on his list and on his little sister’s list too.  He also made sure to let them know that he’s been working really hard on the things in his Nice-List report card.

Afterwards we hit up some crafts and games!  They also got to go to the holiday shop and pick out one item each- Marshall picked out a soldier doll and Vi a book.

Marshall painting Santa onto a slice of wood (with the baby bump photobombing behind)

A masterpiece!

Taking aim!

Santa hat ring toss

Candy cane fishing! This little angler set the record- getting 18 candy canes in one turn! There were a few times that he hooked four canes at once.

The morning was very well spent.  Marshall got a long meet and greet with Santa & Mrs. Claus, Vi got to cling to her daddy while talking to locals, and it was just a genuinely nice time spent together as a family.  I like people in the community seeing Brad in uniform with his family, it helps humanize him- helps them see that he’s so much more than the badge on his chest.  He worked very hard to be called “Trooper”, but his favorite titles will always be “Husband” and “Papa/ Dad”.

Tomorrow we pay homage to a Christmas classic!  Until then!


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