11th Day: A Christmas Story

The eleventh day was a nice Sunday at home.  As soon as Brad got home from work we had our little ode to the Christmas classic, A Christmas Story!

We picked up Chinese takeout (ala the family dinner after the turkey fiasco) and had it in front of the TV to take in the show.

This made Vi’s day as one of her favorite meals is chicken lo mein with sweet and sour chicken.  Marshall even pushed himself out of his comfort zone and ate an entire cabbage egg roll with no prompting!

Nice-list points for sure!

Alllll the smiles

Inspired by the movie’s favorite line “You’ll shoot your eye out!”  We played a new game and called it “You’ll pie your eye out!”  We played the game ‘Pie Face’ for the first time.

We absolutely loved it and it’s the first game that Vi could really play with us and not have to worry about small game pieces and what not.  Because of the small piece issues- and Vi liking to destroy gameboards- we haven’t been playing a lot of board games lately.

She kept screaming with anticipation every time it was her turn


Silly papa

He immediately got pied in the face

She was caught off guard the first time she got pied

Pied his eye out!

Vi’s hair steadily got more silly throughout the game. Poor girl had awful luck and got pied every.single.turn.

After the fun of the game (and the kids getting a quick bath) we made some quick leg lamp cookies.  I took the easy way-late pregnancy way– of doing it and used premade sugar cookie dough and then attempted to cut a leg shape with a butter knife.  Quick icing job, top with a Reese’s half, and voila- quick and easy leg lamp cookies!  Perfect for Brad…because Reese’s are his favorite candy.

It was a nice, easy evening of a Christmas twist on takeout, movie, and family games.  The kids sat so nice through the movie and really enjoyed the classic tale.  I can only hope that we can create the kind of treasured Christmas memories that Ralphie recounts; simple little things to make a perfect holiday.  Wishing you all a classic Christmas time!


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