12th Day: Nutcracker

The twelfth day was filled with Nutcracker fun!  After Marshall got out of school, we started with decorating little wooden nutcrackers.

Marshall with his finished Nutcracker

Next, they both decorated their own puppets.

She loves to color

Screaming puppet!

Marshall and his finished puppet

For the last craft, it was Marshall flying solo.  We don’t trust Vi with scissors quite yet, for obvious reasons.  Marshall cut a snowflake and then used it as a tutu for a ballerina cut out.

Carefully cutting

His finished snowflake

Beautiful snowflake ballerina

The kids had fun playing with their crafts as they watched Angelina Ballerina The Nutcracker Sweet.

Vi loved watching the ballet dances and hearing a name that sounds so close to her middle name, Angeline.  Believe me, little mischievous Violet Angeline is fully aware of her full name as it’s usually yelled while she runs amok and giggles in delight of her naughtiness.

Marshall also got a little lesson on his family history during the movie.  Living in a rural area, there are very strong notions on masculinity.  Very strong and very narrow.  Unfortunately, Marshall has been picking up some of these ideas at school.  So he started dancing with the movie, twirling with the ballerinas, until he saw Brad and I watching with sincere smiles.  We were enjoying watching both of our children dance to the Nutcracker but Marshall became self-conscious and stopped.  He murmured that “boys don’t twirl and dance”, which is when I jumped in.

See, in my distant family tree, we have a pretty powerful contradiction to this small town idea of masculinity.  We are related to one of the most famous male ballerinas in history, Edward Villella.  Not only is Edward a world famous ballerina- which earned him quite a fortune as well as a medal in the arts from President Bill Clinton- but he is also a champion boxer. His incredible talent brought him around the world, dancing for three U.S. Presidents among other world leaders, and incredible experiences and accolades.  “So let them say what they want,” I told Marshall “but boys that do ballet get to see the world and make lots of money doing what they love.  I bet the boys at school wouldn’t have a lot of bad things to say about that.”

We ended the night, as we’re in for a long day tomorrow, with a new appreciation of dance and the arts.  The kids got some cute crafts and Marshall was reminded not to let others hold him back.  Tomorrow, we look forward to a little more light.  Keep dancing!


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