14th Day: Friendship Fun

The fourteenth day was a fun day of including friendship in our holiday fun!  After school, Marshall had his best friend over to make ornaments and decorate cookies.

We started with the ornaments.  They were simple small red and green ornaments that we stuck little foam stickers on.

Once the boys finished their ornaments we moved on to sugar cookie decorating.  I made a simple buttercream frosting, split the batch into thirds and dyed it, then put them in these condiment containers for easy decorating.  Marshall was more into it, he was determined to decorate every cookie.  His buddy decided after decorating one that he would rather just eat the cookies, haha!  Hey, it’s a perfect friendship- one loves to make it and the other loves to consume it!

For a special treat, we made hot cocoa with snowman marshmallows and then watched the new Angry Birds movie with popcorn.  The boys had a great time!  I made sure to box up Wyatt’s goodies for safe transport home.

I’m really so thankful for Marshall’s friendship with Wyatt.  They are so close, like brothers, they truly get each other and love being together- they try to tell people they are twins.  Beyond that, I have found a great friend in his mom.  When we first moved to this new area, we definitely felt like outsiders.  It’s a very small town; the kind that people don’t move to, instead it’s a born and raised and then never move away kind of place.  His mom really reached out to me and made me feel welcome and valued here, for that I can never thank her enough.

Also speaking of thankful, I’m so thankful for my husband.  Brad thought I have been overdoing it lately and so he took it upon himself to surprise me with setting up a relaxing evening just for me. He brought the tv from our room into our bathroom and told me to unwind with some tv in our whirlpool; that he would take care of bedtime with the kids.  Definitely a man to be grateful for.  Vi of course had to try to sneak into her bath with a book too- girl knows how to spend an evening, ha!

As simple as the night was, it was a great reminder.  A reminder that the best things about life aren’t able to be purchased or wrapped in a box.  The very best things are the people we surround ourselves with and enjoy spending time with.  I hope our kids are always blessed with such great friends and (eventually) loving, thoughtful significant others.  May you get special time with those you adore this holiday season.


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