15th Day: Wreath Crafting

The 15th day was a busy one.  We started the day at my doctor’s for a routine visit.  Typically, all four of us go to check in on the littlest fifth.  My doctor is amazing; I absolutely adore her.  She includes Marshall and Vi; asking them questions, referring to them as “Doctor Marshall” and “Doctor Violet”, and having them help measure my belly and listen to the heartbeat.  She’s like an old friend and is so comfortable with our family.  Marshall couldn’t wait to show off his Bentleyville hat and tell Dr. K all about it!

After we hit up a few stores and went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Marshall still talks about going there every Friday when Brad lived on base.  I was very pregnant with Vi, which was a high risk/ high stress pregnancy.  Basically a single mother and just physically and emotionally exhausted by the week’s end.  So we would stop at BWW before picking Brad up from the base.  Marshall would play with the little game tablets they have there and quietly eat, I would just enjoy some peace of not having to be in charge of cooking, teaching, and disciplining.  We’ve come so very far in about a year and a half.  Life is a lot easier and better with the four (almost five) of us all together!

We love being able to be here without stressing about whether she will make it!

Better together

Looking back at the building of our family, it hasn’t been easy.  We have weathered storms and had to overcome some very difficult times.  Still we were able to come out victorious, we were able to stick together and grow.  We never gave up.

You know there is a common Christmas symbol that represents this very well?  The wreath!  Wreaths were typically made with evergreen to symbolize nature’s triumph and survival over the harsh winter storms.  The circle shape is to celebrate eternal life and unity- with no beginning and no end.  What better way for us to finish out the day then with crafting up our own family wreaths?!

I was able to hit up a pretty good sale and get all the supplies to make a large wreath and a small wreath.  It cost about $25 total, not bad considering large wreaths in the stores are starting at $29.99 and the small ones at $14.99!

Marshall and I sat down to create.  He decided on making a candy themed one for our family and I went rustic to represent our current home.

Ready to craft!

Carefully wrapping candy cane pipe cleaners onto his wreath

We made the gingerbread people to represent the two kids- a hair bow one for Vi and bow tie one for Marshall

Carefully gluing them on

It took some maneuvering and help from Brad, but we were able to finish our wreaths and display them with pride!

Marshall’s finished wreath! D for our last name and little gingerbread siblings for Mads and Vi. He wanted to glue them on so it looked like they were holding hands.

Our large rustic wreath

The holidays really do bring out the sentimental side for me.  It’s always such a great time to spend together as a family and incredible to look back at what it took to create our family and be what we are today.  Now we have these wreaths to really symbolize our family’s endurance and it’s all the better since we created them together.

I always try to be open and honest about the hurdles that we ran into, hoping to make anyone suffering the same feel a little less alone.  We hope everyone is able to spend the holidays with those that make up your circle, and feel the enduring warmth of the season much like a wreath!


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