17th Day: Christmas with Paternal Grandparents

The seventeenth day, Grandma & Grandpa came for an early Christmas!

They made the trek to our house for a nice visit and to exchange Christmas presents.  Marshall waited at the window all day for them to arrive and once they did he couldn’t contain himself.  He talked about school, his friends, his favorite things- anything he could think of.  Vi enjoyed cuddling up in her grandma’s lap and seeing just how far grandma will let her push the limits.

Once Brad got home we ate a quick dinner and sat down to open gifts.  Marshall exploded onto the gifts, he tore through his pile in a blink.  Holding up each gift with excitement and declaring that this was just what he always wanted before moving onto the next perfect gift.  He went so quickly I had barely anytime to take pictures.

Opening a Chase Paw Patrol stuffed animal in a blur

Chase is his favorite character from his favorite show.  Later that night, he slept with him wrapped in his arms

Violet took a daintier approach.  She didn’t start opening gifts until Marshall was done; she had to pick up the stray wrapping paper scraps that her brother threw behind him in his flurry of gift opening.  Then, when it was her turn to open gifts, she would take one little piece by little piece and run it over to the garbage bag before returning to her gift to tear off another small piece.  Marshall couldn’t stand it so he helped her move things along, she was fine with receiving her brother’s help.

Running over a small scrap of wrapping paper to the garbage

Grandma patiently holding a gift for Vi to unwrap piece by piece

Vi bringing her new baby over to show papa what a good mommy she is.  Maybe now papa’s scalp will get a break from being Vi’s hair model

The kids enjoyed their gifts and my mother-in-law surprised me with a box full of brand new bumgenius cloth diapers for our incoming baby girl!  It was so thoughtful and I feel pretty lucky to have a mother-in-law that is so supportive of our natural parenting choices.  Vi had to run over and check out the new diapers, she loves to pick out different color and prints when we change her, so naturally she had to eye up the new prints to determine what will be her’s.

We gathered them together to take pictures before saying goodbye.

The seventeenth day was a really nice time spent with family.  The kids got a taste of Christmas and adored getting to visit with their grandparents- probably one of the last times before having to split their attention with Francesca!   Speaking of Francesca Corinne, tomorrow we do our own little celebration for her.  À demain!


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