18th Day: Cajun Holiday

The eighteenth day we had a Cajun holiday!

We did this for a few reasons: if we had to pick, Brad & my favorite cuisine would be some good ol’ Cajun comfort food.  We have both always been inexplicably drawn to French/ Cajun culture.  Our children all unintentionally have French names in their first and/ or middle (Marshall, Violet Angeline, and Corinne).  And now, we are expecting a baby during Mardi Gras!

To mark the day, while I made dinner, Brad surprised the kids with a new bayou game: a gator ring toss!

You can tell who usually takes pictures- Vi is smiling at the kitchen where I was cooking, instead of looking at her dad who had the camera

The kids loved trying to toss the rings onto the gator’s nose and tail.

Getting gator kisses

Great working on hand eye coordination!

He loves these kind of simple games

For dinner I made my favorite and Brad’s favorite NOLA meals.  Brad’s is a paleo style shrimp boil: sweet potatoes, Cajun sausage, shrimp, and eggs boiled in a spicy seasoning mix.  Mine is catfish mac; using our favorite homemade asiago mac and cheese recipe as a base, I add a bit of garlic powder to the roux and then sprinkle some paprika on top of the finished dish and top with fried catfish.  Yes, catfish is safe during pregnancy and considered great brain food!

Asiago Mac is Vi’s absolute favorite (we served a basic version of it at her birthday for that reason), so she was in heaven.  Marshall’s favorite part was the new gator cups with “swamp juice” (since we don’t usually let him have juice).

Dinner was absolutely delicious and filling- all the spicy food really got Franki excited, I think she’s a little NOLA baby in the making after all.  Since Marshall has school tomorrow we had to call it a night, Brad finished the day with reading Papa Noel: A Cajun Christmas Story to the kids.  In the story Papa Noel (Santa) uses alligators with French names to pull a pirogue in lieu of reindeer and a sleigh.  The kids absolutely loved the story and how invested their papa got in character with a thick Louisiana accent.

It’s hard to believe that we are just one week from Christmas.  Even harder to believe that with Mardi Gras will come the newest member of our family.  I have to say, this pregnant mama is so ready for both!  Speaking of things this pregnant mama is looking forward to: Christmas baking!  Chocolate, sugar, and cream cheese galore- what’s not to love?!  Stay sweet everyone!


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