19th Day: Cookies, Chocolate, and Cuties

The nineteenth day I got to work doing our cookie platters with my cuties!  Every year we pick out a different array of cookies to make and pass out to our neighbors and local friends.

We started with our non-bake items.  I usually do more from scratch baking for the holidays, but I’m not going to lie: late pregnancy is exhausting, especially with two kiddos already in tow.  So we went easy this year with non-bake items and boxed recipes.

Lucky for me, Marshall is a little chocolatier in the making.  He loved making our various chocolate creations.

Flipping the peanut butter patties with care

Coating the pretzel sticks (reindeer antlers)

Shaking the excess chocolate off. I love looking at his long lashes!

Of course he had to lick the spoon after he was completely finished

What was Vi doing during all of this? She was getting tired out so she hung out with Papa while he did our dishes.

Once we were finished with the non-bake items, we started our baking.  Thank you baby Jesus for our Kitchen Aid!  This is my first holiday season having one and it made things so much easier.

The one homemade cookie dough. Brad told me about a swirl cookie that his aunt use to make during the holidays when he was a child. He didn’t know the ingredients or name, so I asked his mom. She guessed it was a date cookie. So I made date swirl cookies for the first time only for Brad to taste them and declare that the cookies he had as a kid, were in fact, not date cookies. Face palm.

Chocolate Snowballs. We used a box mix but really you can make your favorite chocolate cookie, refrigerate for an hour, then coat in powder sugar and bake for the same effect.

Marshall’s pick was mini chocolate chip cookies. Yup, we totally went with refrigerated dough.

No bake “Naughty List Coal”, they’re Oreo truffles (one package regular Oreos pulverized in the food processor and then a package of cream cheese. Shape into squares for coal). This was Vi’s favorite, very fitting.

Finally finished with our mini bake-a-thon, we made up our platters.  I think it’s pretty apparent what this pregnant lady has been craving lately.

You want chocolate? We have plenty!

Once through with the platters we made Marshall’s teacher gifts.  Mads has a teacher and class helper, as well as speech therapists to consider during the holidays.  I was going to make these gorgeous cocoa gifts I saw…only for the centerpiece items I needed to pull it off to be nowhere to be found.  Awesome.  So instead the gifts got a bit more simple but I threw in some chocolate stir spoons to make the deal a little sweeter.

Hot cocoa, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and chocolate spoons

It was a day well spent with creating chocolatey goodness with my munchkins.  Keeping true to form, Marshall much preferred to create and Vi took it upon herself to be the unofficial taste tester.  By unofficial taste tester I really mean that she kept stealing cookies off the dining room table and running away giggling with mouthfuls of goodies when caught.  ‘Tis the season right?

We ended the day with tummies full of warm baked goods and a house filled with the delightful smells of chocolate sweets. No better way to end the day then curled up together in cookie-coma.


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