21st Day: Daddy Takeover Edition (Die Hard)

Doing his best impression of his children’s sign smiles

The twenty-first day we hit a minor road bump: sick kids.  Nothing serious, just a slight stomach bug that meant they had to rest and let their little bodies fight it off.

This was the day Brad has been waiting five years for.  His time to shine.  He finally gets the little “Christmas” day of his heart’s desire: Die Hard.

Yes, there is no bigger Bruce Willis fan than Bradley and add that in with his obvious love of Law Enforcement- he couldn’t love Die Hard more.

I’m too pregnant to fight him anymore on whether Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie  and had sick kids to tend to so I told him to go for it and he was forever giddy about taking over.

He started with making himself lunch, creating a monstrosity that he dubbed “The Die Hard”, as you do.

It’s layers of quarter pound beef patties with ‘Merican cheese, fried mozzarella sticks, and onion rings sandwiched in between. Then more onion rings and mozzarella sticks for a side. That’s a full size kabob skewer he used to hold it all together. Oy. Vey.  Note how he usually gets his thumbs in pictures he takes of the kids but not this one?  Priorities.

I had a much more sensible one burger patty with no mozzarella sticks or onion rings on top.  I’m still willing to bet I gained more weight than Brad did from our different burgers.  I curse his metabolism.

He obviously had to also watch the movie and make himself a little craft.  Just to emphasis his “go big or go home” attitude, he made his ornament the size of a tree topper.

Just need a picture, cardboard, foil, and a skyscraper of testosterone

I told him that there’s a good spot by the back of the tree for John McClane.  So being the good husband he is…he laughed and put it up out of my reach at the very front of the tree, saying “Yippie-ki-yay!”  On a totally unrelated note: anyone want a hand-me-down-husband?


I’m now afraid to ask him what his favorite photo ornament is…I’m thinking there’s a good chance one with me isn’t it.

In all seriousness, the 21st day was pretty good.  Despite the sick kiddos, my husband came through with carrying on the Christmas spirit.  He let me focus on the kids while in turn taking care of me (making meals, cleaning up) and found ways to keep me laughing through the craziness.  Annnnnd he gets to claim winning our nearly ten-year debate about Die Hard being a Christmas movie because now it’s forever part of our 25 Days celebration.  Meh, I’ll let him have it.

I’m hoping everyone is able to stay healthy and that the kids will be back to 100% by tomorrow afternoon.  Until then!


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