22nd Day: Ode to Mrs. Claus 

The kids started recovering from their slight stomach bugs the evening before and were raring to go for the twenty-second day!

We decided to make it a sort of ode to the woman behind the big man in red and celebrate Mrs. Claus!

While Santa is making toys and tending to the reindeer, what is Mrs. Claus up to?  Well, thanks to our North Pole Communicator, we have gotten some small glimpses into her world through our conversations with her and the elves.

We started the day with homemade strawberry waffles and breakfast like she would make.  Vi was in bacon heaven.

After filling our little elves bellies with a warm breakfast, we headed out to sled.  She’s told us before how she goes out sledding with the elves through the fresh North Pole snow.  Our own little elves were pretty excited for this!

Sledding Elves

Marshall scooting to the edge of the hill

Going down fast!

Not 100% sure (she loved going down the hill with papa but at this point she was afraid we were just going to push her down on her own, ha!)

Papa gently pulling Vi in circles at the top on the hill

Papa & Vi racing Marshall down

The Dings walking their sleds back up. Vi was such a big girl

I couldn’t help but smile as I watched them go down the hill.  Marshall seemed like such a big kid.  He did it all on his own and with such a big grin plastered on his face.  At one point another little guy that seemed like the same age as Marshall tried racing him back up the hill.  This is when brain won over brawn.  Marshall knew there was a little ice patch going back over the slope, so he slowed down and let the boy keep running- the boy tripped on the slippery patch (he was fine) and that’s when Marshall overtook him and got up the hill first.  Don’t underestimate this little guy!

After spending almost an hour on the slope, we called it and headed back in.  Marshall instantly requested “warm cocoa” like the kind Mrs. Claus makes for the elves.  I agreed and made sure to get his warm cocoa ready for him asap.

We also talked Mrs. Claus facts over cocoa.  Her legend isn’t as clear as Santa’s, she’s known by a few names but the most common is Jessica (so that’s what I went with when telling the kids).  I used the old claymation movie Santa Claus is Coming to Town as our reference.  How Mrs. Claus was a school teacher before marrying Santa and moved to the North Pole.  Marshall exclaimed “like you mom!” Yea, I agreed, it does feel like we left Kansas City for the North Pole, doesn’t it?

I have to say though, I would love to play Mrs. Claus someday when old and grey!  Brad would make for a larger than life Santa too.

The kids played for a while and then we made our special Mrs. Claus snack.  Something we imagine she would make at the North Pole.  Mrs. Claus fizz and a snowball s’mores!

Snowball S’mores (graham crackers, vanilla ice cream, and mini chocolate chips) and Mrs. Claus Fizz (grenadine and sprite)

Marshall loved the Fizz

Vi couldn’t be bothered with pictures when she was so caught up with her snowball s’more treat

After we were done, we boxed up our reverse advent calendar to bring to the shelter.  We have: food, toys, feminine sanitary products, toothbrushes (for kids and adults), toothpaste, hygiene products (shower gel, deodorant, bubble bath, baby wash), and some make up items.  Because this box is going to a women’s shelter, we did not photograph the location as it is so very important to keep the address and any identifiable information private for the women and children’s safety.  Also, it’s good to give a bit of dignity and not be camera happy when people are having a difficult time.

I imagine Mrs. Claus as a sort of First Lady of Christmas.  That she would really take up the cause of those in need, women, and children as well.

The kids loved today, from the snowy slopes to the chilly treats and the lessons of legend and kindness.  We can’t believe that we are just days away from Christmas!  Tomorrow we go over the river and through the woods.  Stay kind and giving!


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