Wands, Frogs, and Birthday Wishes

My birthday this year found me just weeks away from giving birth.  I was swollen, on bedrest, and trying to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is where Brad really came through.  He worked that day, but still made the effort to bring home take out on his lunch break and wrangle the kids during it for me.  After getting off work, he surprised me with honoring my inner nerd.

See, I have loved Harry Potter since I was in upper elementary school- my fifth grade Valentine’s box was a replica of the Sorcerers Stone hardcover.  I had a very stressful childhood that made me feel isolated at times, these books help bring a bit of magic and escape for me.  Brad has never even pretended to be interested in my affinity for things like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings but he was determined to make my birthday special even though I was confined to bed.

He one hundred percent succeeded- with doing a bit of research into the Harry Potter universe- and then making me sorting hat cupcakes with m&m centers to “sort” you into each house based off of the color of said filling.  He bought a giant bag of m&ms and hand sorted the colors.  Then topped each cupcake with a metal HP relic (wand, hat, trophy).  He also bought a frog chocolate mold and secretly made me chocolate frogs to accompany the cupcakes.  It was chocolate heaven and more thoughtful than I can tell you.

For those who are curious: I got Ravenclaw (blue), Marshall & Brad are Gryffindor (red), and Vi was Slytherin (green)

As an added bonus, he gave me a wand that lights up and makes a noise when waved.  That was my “bell” for the day, anything I wanted he would make mine at the wave of a wand.  Along with a mother’s necklace representing our children that Marshall couldn’t wait to present to me.  Yup, I think I’ll keep him.

Going into my 28th year of life, I’ve also decided to give myself some gifts in the form of New Years style resolutions.  I’m going to try to be kinder to myself, I’m done letting what others perceive as perfect be my guideline as well- be it in physical appearance or local mindset.  I will use my voice and be unafraid; why is it that there is only room for one kind of thought process?  I believe empathy and humanity is important and will advocate for that always.

These things seem simple to say but are hard to put forth.  I truly think they are the first steps to an even better, healthier, and happier version of myself and that’s what I want to strive towards- improving every year as a person.  I realize I am incredibly fortunate to have the husband I do and the children he has given me, I really want to be great for them and myself.

Yes, friends, I think this will be my best year yet.  Not easy, but the best regardless.  Stay tuned…


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