Valentines Day 

In our house, we love to really celebrate the holidays and create special memories for the kids beyond Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

Valentines night, Brad and I traditionally make a nice meal with one another as the kids sleep.  Candles, wine, and quiet.  We haven’t gone out on Valentines Day since before Marshall was born; which is really fine since we never enjoyed fighting the crowds anyway.

While the night is ours, the day is for the kids.  Last year we went all out with red and pink galore.

The kids with their Valentine gifts. We went overboard with picking things up here and there before the big day; we usually limit Valentines to books and a treat.

Marshall told Brad he wanted to get mommy diamonds and flowers for Valentine’s Day

Brad made this little love poster with Vi as her present to me

What I woke up to on the bathroom mirror

Breakfast by Brad

Our red & pink Cupid inspired decor. I really like doing upside down balloons for whimsy- I got the idea as a play on the Sex & The City Valentines with Carrie and Miranda in the restaurant with a ceiling packed with balloons and streamers.

Sibling pictures

Marshall Valentines Day 2016

Vi’s first Valentines Day

Brad wanted to make his daughter’s first Valentines special and set her expectations high. I love this photo set so much.


Our Master Chef assembling his deep dish heart pizza and heart cheese sticks.

Chef Marshall enjoying his heart pizza and Cupid float (vanilla ice cream and strawberry soda)

For our dinner, Brad and I had shrimp cocktails appetizers (one garlic butter sauce and the other bacon wrapped with sweet & sour sauce for dipping), main course of beef Wellington (filet mignon wrapped in prosciutto and then wrapped in puff pastry) with quinoa stuffed peppers and Caesar salad.

Fast forward to this year, I wanted to make it special since it was Franki’s first Valentines (and very first holiday!) but I was also just 4 days postpartum and only recently back home after the hospital stay.  I was still healing myself and adjusting to a newborn so expectations had to be adjusted.

Though, having a little Cupid made it special all on her own

We always give each kid a book for every holiday. We hope to start the love of reading and discovery early. Since Franki is so young, she got an eco-pacifier instead of chocolate.

Marshall and Vi enjoying their Valentines

The Valentines gifts from youngest to oldest

Our love bugs on Valentines Day 2017

Our double cupids

The kids making our annual heart pizzas

For this year’s decorations I decided to go with “A Love Story” theme and used pages from a dollar store book. The table runner and pinwheels all are from the book. Some balloons and gold circles hanging from the ceiling complete the look. Super easy and affordable at just a couple of dollars.

Yea I’ve fully fallen into the chalkboard craze, I love decorating them for different events.

The table runner was made of cut out book pages and taped together

I hope that these holidays give the kids great memories to look back on and-especially fitting for Valentines Day- I hope it makes them feel loved and appreciated.


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