Lucky 18th

St. Patrick’s day is probably one of our family’s favorite holidays around here.  After all, it’s a day full of hijinks, pub style food, and gold- what’s not to love?!

On the 16th, the day before the Irish festivities, we traveled a few hours to get some of Minnesota’s most famous cupcakes!  All Irish themed, of course, with an Oreo Shamrock Shake for good measure.

Besides the road trip, the day was uneventful as we prepared and I decorated our small dining room for the festivities.

Then the big day came, I crept around the house in the wee morning hours setting up all the leprechaun shenanigans.

The Leprechaun always leaves a St. Paddy’s day message for the kids on the bathroom mirror


Silly leprechaun used the potty! Last year we did all these same pranks- plus one more. I also put green food coloring in Marshall’s morning milk. Marshall refused to drink it, saying that he knows how the leprechaun turns things green (thinking back to the potty). I never even drew that connection but couldn’t blame him for refusing the milk!

Leprechaun taped Marshall in his room!

Goodbye message

I returned to my bed and was peacefully feeding Franki around 5 am when I heard the distinct noise of Marshall breaking through the streamers and running downstairs.  I smiled as I pictured all the fun and excitement about to kick off…and then he ran directly to the bathroom where he began vomiting into the green leprechaun water.


I felt awful, Brad woke up out of a sound sleep and jumped into action as I tried to finish up feeding Franki.  Brad called out from the bathroom that he thought the shamrock shake made Marshall sick, I reminded him that the leprechaun was the one who turned the toilet green.  And I felt awful for it; my poor little buddy had to bust through streamers and get green paint on his hands lifting up the toilet lid, all while sick.  Pinterest mom fail.

So, it goes without saying that we postponed St. Patrick’s Day until the 18th when Marshall was feeling better.

Once all the little Irish were feeling less green, we turned out in our shamrock best for fun pictures.

Three St. Paddy’s days in a row: announcing that we were expecting a girl with pink chocolate coins, VI’s first St. Patrick’s Day, and now this year

Franki’s 1st St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish always be with her.

Then it was time for our favorite part: the food.  Every year we make Guinness corn beef sandwiches with dubliner cheese, pub style asiago mac and cheese, and a potato dish of some sort.  This year, Brad made a Dublin coddle as the potato dish.

Vi loves to help cook when possible. Here she is adding mozzarella pearls to the top of our homemade Mac. She would pop a pearl in her mouth and one on the mac…until it got to the point that she was just eating them.

She loves mozzarella pearls so much, she kept requesting pictures with the package of them.

I can’t tell you how many pictures I was forced to take of this little lassie and her beloved cheese.

Marshall toasting with an old fashion root beer

Slow cooker Guinness corn beef on toasted ciabatta bread with melted Swiss and Dubliner cheese.

The Dublin Coddle: potatoes, sausage, bacon, onion, carrots, and parsley layered up in a cast iron Dutch oven

The pub style mac: homemade mac and cheese mixed with mozzarella pearls and prosciutto, topped with more pearls and bread crumbs then toasted in the oven.

Vi only wanted to chow down on mac and cheese, but Marshall opted for the kids version meal of shamrock grilled cheese, rainbow fruit parfait, and a rainbow drink of kool-aid ice cubes

For dessert we had Nadia’s cupcakes. Vi dug into her rainbow cupcake and Marshall had the leprechaun poop (both cakes were plain vanilla bean flavor) while Brad and I did it Cupcake Wars style and had a bite of each of the alcoholic cakes and rated them.

I preferred the grasshopper while Brad liked the Irish Cake bomb best. We both agreed that the Sunken Drunken Irishman was a little too much for our taste.

Rainbow smiles

We then did one of the kids’ favorite traditions: setting the leprechaun trap! They carefully set up the trap with tiny pot of gold bait in an effort to get the leprechaun’s gold.

Once the trap was set, we returned to the living room where we read The Littlest Leprechaun by Brandi Dougherty and the kids danced to Irish music before both girls conked out on me.

Seriously, always check out your local school’s book fair or scholastic flier- there are a ton of these cute books for a buck or two

Fun fact: Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy are some of Brad’s favorites. So the kids don’t even realize that the music is in theme of the holiday, they just think that Dad is playing some of his faves like any other day.

Epitome of mom life. I love these sleepy time snuggles though.

After the girls awoke we checked the trap and sure enough, the box fell down and underneath we found three $1 gold coins- one for each child’s piggy bank.

The luck of the Irish!

Marshall became so excited over the ol’ lep’s trick, that he set the trap up once more so he could get more money.

Brad thought this was too adorable to ignore, so even though the leprechaun was fresh out of gold coins, Marshall later found three $1 bills.

It was a day of hijinks, laughs, good food, and great fun.  Even with having to wait a day, I’ve got to say it was the luckiest March 18th to date!

May your troubles be less

& your blessings be more

& nothing but happiness come through your door!

-Irish Blessing


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