Bunnies, Bikes, and Mystery Lamb

Easter.  How is it already Easter?  I seriously feel like I was just extremely pregnant and exhausted finishing up our 25 days of Christmas.  Now the December snow has long since melted and the trees are budding new life.  Easter.

It really crept up on me this year, I found myself frantically getting Easter baskets pulled together- we had to buy new baskets again this year so Franki’s would match her siblings.  Because the new baskets we bought last year must have been discontinued.  Of course.

Brad ran out and got all the groceries I listed down for him and we whipped up some Easter eggs with the kids a few days before, since Brad had a lot of work coming up.

One thing you learn with two young kids: everything must be even. So when I set up the egg dyeing station, everything had to be as symmetrical as possible. Same amount of dye and eggs for both.

The kids were so excited- especially Vi, this was her first year dyeing eggs

Papa helping steady her hand and be gentle with the eggs

Marshall admiring his brightly colored eggs

She loved her egg froggy

His egg snail turned out pretty cool!

My three little good eggs

Their finished egg art

The weekend of Easter, that Saturday, we went to the town’s Easter egg hunt.  I was warned not to go by some of the locals- that its way too busy, packed with people, and ruthless little egg hunters.  Alas, the urge to get out of the house won over and we traveled to the egg hunt that promised eggs full of candy and small prizes along with a bike raffle for the different age groups at the end.

Brad had to work, so my dad accompanied us to the hunt.  There were four age groups broken up into different sections of the park and all the kids were to go for their section at the sound of the fire truck’s siren.

My dad kept track of Marshall and got some cute pictures of him waiting for the siren to sound.

I dressed him in blaze orange so he’d be easier to keep track of. Great plan if it weren’t for all the other moms that thought up the same idea.

Meanwhile, this is what making Queen Violet Angeline wait for eggs looked like.

Vi waits for no bunny

Yeah, just the picture perfect outing, ha!  Really, the crowds may have been overwhelming for some of the rural living folks but I didn’t find it bad at all and my kids were fine.

When the siren sounded both Marshall and Violet, in their respective stations, took off for eggs.  Marshall darted about, giving his grandpa a heart attack that he was going to lose his grandson in the crowd.  Vi cheerfully picked up eggs- when a rogue nine or ten year old boy grabbed an egg out from under her, she smacked his hand and yelled “No!” at him.  The pecking order now established, the much older boy ran off and Vi happily returned to picking up eggs.

After the hunt we all met back up and counted their eggs.  Marshall retrieved 17 eggs- one of which had a prize token for a small blue kickball!  Vi had a dozen eggs and she was delighted to find them full of various chocolates.

Vi was not in the mood for pictures when it meant cutting into her candy eating time

We waited patiently for the raffle and were so surprised when they called Vi as one of the winners of a brand new bike!  She was so excited…until they tried to make her take a picture with the man in the bunny suit.  Then she was irretrievably upset and wanted nothing to do with the little pink bike.

“This never happened to me with the chocolate!”

We were so excited for the bike!  Violet eventually cheered up about it after getting home (and a nap).  She loved getting to show it off to Brad once he returned from work.

We were fortunate enough that Brad had Easter day off, so once he got home on Saturday he was able to take over with the kids for me while I got things done.

This year, I got a bit more crafty and made a few homemade items for the girls’ baskets (I couldn’t think of any hockey themed things for Marshall’s basket).

For Franki I made her hospital swaddle into a keepsake bunny. Perfect for her nature themed basket and first Easter!

For Vi’s tea party themed basket I sewed some small play tea bags and mod-podged the front of a small wooden box to keep them in.

We don’t do a lot of candy- Marshall doesn’t like chocolate or sweets anyways- but I do always make them chocolate bunnies.  I’m hoping that they remember their little homemade bunnies fondly as they grow up.

Once the kids were in bed and all the projects were finished, the baskets and plastic eggs appeared all throughout our living room.

2017 Easter Baskets. Ya’ll know how I love to work in themes to keep me focused. Marshall’s was hockey, Vi’s was tea party, and Franki’s was nature themed

Marshall’s hockey themed Easter basket: hockey helmet, rolling equipment bag, shimmy sticks, floor hockey puck, garter belt (for the thick hockey socks), and Sports Illustrated My First Book of Hockey

Vi’s Tea Party basket: tea set, dessert stand, pearl bracelet, Miss Spider’s Tea Party book, tea bags in their case, and a Jane Austen tea party inspired cloth pull up diaper

Franki’s 1st Easter Basket! She received a camping cubs playmat, knit fox hat and matching diaper cover, National Parks board book, keepsake bunny, and Maggie Walker inspired floral cloth diaper

We are lucky that Marshall is our early riser- he is definitely the most honest of the two “older” kids.  When he woke up to find that the bunny arrived, he rushed to wake us up first, he didn’t touch one egg or his basket.  We got the kids dressed- waking Vi up- and readied them for the hunt.

Last year’s baskets made the perfect vessels for this year’s Easter eggs! Vi and Marshall were excited to run out to get all the eggs.

Busy collecting eggs

The giant eggs contained various clothing items for the kids- pajamas, shirts, a jean jacket for Vi, etc.

Marshall excited over his new hockey equipment

Violet couldn’t wait to dig into her tea set

Franki’s 1st Easter

The kids played with their new toys as I readied our Easter meal.

Marshall being a sweet big brother and playing tea party with Violet

Franki in her new adventure arrow pajamas playing with her new camping playmat

We have a set rotation when it comes to our holiday menu.  Turkey for Thanksgiving, roast duck for Christmas, appetizers for New Years, beef Wellington or steak for Valentine’s Day, corn beef for St. Patrick’s Day, lamb for Easter, and burgers and brats for Fourth of July.  I really wanted to do a French rack of lamb for Easter this year, so I called everywhere before finding a butcher an hour away that sold it.  Brad dutifully picked up my order and put it in the fridge a few days before.

Instead of the butcher giving us a French rack of lamb- the most expensive cut of lamb- he instead gave Brad a shoulder cut- the cheapest part of the lamb.  He remembers to charge Brad for the full price of the French rack however.  I wasn’t pleased but I made due and did my best to try to cut the shoulder into a pseudo French rack.

We had deviled eggs (thanks to the kids dyeing) for appetizers followed by herb coated lamb, glazed carrots, thyme parmesan potato stacks, and a roll with mimosas for our main course.  For dessert I made hollow chocolate egg shells, filled them with a fresh strawberry cream cheese mousse, and topped them with chocolate covered strawberry “carrots”.

I made fancy chocolate swirls to stick in the mousse behind the strawberry…but one of the kids (or husband) ate them between Saturday and Sunday. The culprit has yet to be caught.

I definitely recommend the potato stacks (link)- they were cheesy and crisp on the outside but flavorful and creamy on the inside.  They’re a must try!

We enjoyed our dinner and Easter spoils, but the best part was getting to spend it together as a family.

Our cotton tails first Easter

Bunny baby

Each of the kids’ 1st Easter in our wedding basket (5 months, 8 months, and 2 months)


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