He is the Good

He polishes his badge with the same care as he bathes his newborn.  He irons perfect creases into his uniform.  Once dressed and double-checked, he radios in to dispatch “10-8 for shift, good morning.”

Brad puts great care into his uniform but he is not just an officer by appearance, he is an officer down into the depths of his soul.  A natural-born helper and defender.

He always keeps it in the back of his mind, that today- on his shift- he will encounter people on the very worst day of their life.  Women who have been assaulted, children who have been neglected, drug overdoses, car accidents, burglaries…even rural Minnesota has their share of crime and sorrow.  He doesn’t care if you’re poor, if you’re a person of color, your sexual orientation, or gender.  He’s there to help you and treat you as he would want someone to care for his family in their time of need.

Communities he serves have caught onto this quickly and they sincerely trust him.  There are people who have wanted to request him in their time of need because of his kind and gentle nature.  He listens and, while he will always enforce the letter of the law, he does it with empathy and humanity.

Other officers routinely ask him for help with questions regarding law because they know his knowledge is second to none.  He’s dedicated his life to this and continues to seek out training on his own time and his own dime.  Colleagues have also called him specifically for back up when handling difficult people.  A gentle giant, there is something about him that puts people at ease.  The respect he gives de-escalates heated situations.

People he has arrested have written letters commending his service.  Some have even come back to thank him in person.  The care he gave helped get them back on track.

While there are officers routinely in the headlines for monstrosities; he quietly loads up teddy bears to give to children of domestics, overdoses, abuse, and neglect.

He never says a word about his extra efforts, he just does it because it is right.  He is what’s right and just in the world, the little bit of light in someone’s dark day, he is what the thin blue line is meant to represent.

He is the good.


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