Skeptic’s Fate 

Growing up, I didn’t really believe in fate.  Or soulmates.  Or loving marriage.

Okay, okay bear with me here.  I am a person whose parents had a very unhealthy and unhappy marriage that ended in divorce.  Also, both sets of my grandparents were divorced- an extreme rarity for the time and the fact that both sets were conservative Catholics.

I wanted love but didn’t really see it for myself.  Well, it wasn’t long into college that I met Brad and the rest is history.

Looking back, though, it all seems like we were meant to meet all along.

On move in day at my University, my dad literally just drove his six-wheel Chevy truck onto the basketball court to unload my belongings at my dorm.  As my uncles, cousins, Dad, siblings, and friends helped scurry up and down the eight (EIGHT!) flights of stairs, a young Public Safety Officer saw dad’s old Chevy on the basketball court. In disbelief, this officer marched into the dorm to track down the perpetrator and demand he move his vehicle.  This would be the first time Public Safety Officer Brad would meet his future father-in-law (I still wouldn’t meet him until class a week or so later).

Let’s not forget, we met in an acting class as two criminal justice majors.  An unusual arts credit for CJS majors.

Brad and his family use to vacation at a resort just a short drive from my home.  A resort we frequently visited for the beach- we were probably at that beach at the same time more than once.  Years later, Brad and I married at that resort.

As our anniversary approaches, I can’t help but look back over the past decade and smile at the memories we made and family we’ve built.  But, looking even further past that, it seems like we were always meant to meet.  I couldn’t be more grateful that my skepticism regarding love has been proven wrong.  Now, I truly believe that we met exactly when we were suppose to.

The best part?  We’re breaking the cycle.  The generations of divorce and heartbreak that led to my skepticism no longer linger; our children constantly tell us they can’t wait to get married or make their own family.  It’s not uncommon for them to play house and to overhear them talking sweetly to each other or giving hugs.  They pick up on the little things- like holding hands- more than you realize.

That is honestly the greatest gift fate could give.


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