Fourth of July ’17

Beer! Grilling! Freedom!  That’s right, the Fourth of July has already arrived (summer is seriously flying!) and we were thrilled to have Brad off of work to celebrate with us.  Back when he worked in Kansas City, he would literally work 20 of the 24 hours during Independence Day; having him home with us on the occasional holiday is definitely the upside of moving back to Minnesota.

Due to Franki being so young, we skipped going out to bustling parades and loud fireworks.  I know that opinion may seem extreme to some, but we were comfortable with it.

We set up some backyard fun for the kids and settled in with our little family.

We’re lucky to have a big backyard and plenty of outdoor toys

Naturally, we had to take holiday pictures of the kids in their festive outfits and commemorate Franki’s first Independence Day.  It still blows my mind thinking it was just last year that we were celebrating Violet’s first Fourth of July!


Their personalities are like fireworks

Happy 1st 4th Francesca Corinne! (Fitting that her name means Beautiful Freedom)

At these ages, it’s hard to get all three kids looking and smiling in one direction at the same time

Stars & Stripes Siblings

Little Lady Liberty even down to her cloth diaper (pictured wearing a One-Size All in One Bumgenius diaper in Mary Pickersgill print)

For lunch, the kids had hamburgers and hotdogs from the grill,  macaroni salad, watermelon, and special root beer.  We typically only stick to water and one glass of milk during our day to day, but on special occasions or holidays we sometimes do caffeine-free root beer or 100% fruit juice.  Brad and I had BBQ ribs- Brad did an awesome job with grilling everything!

I tried my hand at red, white, & blue deviled eggs

For dessert, I managed to save some banana popsicles that we made a few days earlier.  Both kids couldn’t get enough, and while I won’t kid myself that they are healthy, it was still a nice replacement for ice cream.  Marshall even asked to have bananas for his school lunches this fall- a pretty big deal for a child that had to have occupational therapy for oral sensory issues!

Excited to show off his summertime treat, he loves helping in the kitchen and takes pride in his work.

We had so much fun running around the yard together.

Picking wild daisies

Flying kites

She loves getting the bounce house to herself

Dad playing with Franki in the water table

Pool time fun

Getting a parent selfie in quick

Intense badminton game

It was a simple but great Fourth of July.  We ran ourselves ragged outside and all were asleep before the first firework cracked in the night sky.  It was carefree and perfect for us.

We hope everyone else had a safe & enjoyable holiday!  Remember, we are the home of the free.  Protect that fact and the First Amendment.  Always.


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