Happy 2nd Birthday, Violet Angeline

Per tradition in our home, we always have a themed party for our kids and then a separate celebration at home on their actual birthday. This year, Brad was gone on another training so it was just me and the kids. 

The day started early, as I took her birth minute picture. See, it’s a tradition we started with Marshall. Every year on their birthday we take a picture at the minute they were born. Marshall was born at 1:24 in the afternoon. . . Violet took us by surprise at 3:14 in the morning. My mom guilt won’t let me break the tradition for Vi, so here we are with me setting alarms and crawling up the stairs to her room at 3:14 am to take a stalker-like picture of her sleeping.

She likes to snuggle into Marshall’s bed. So here she is, sleeping in Marshall’s bed at 3:14 am 8/1/17. Just as quiet and peaceful as when she was born.

I went back to bed and was lucky enough to not wake up any of the kids as I scurried about. Fast forward to seven and we were all up and getting ready for the day.

For breakfast I made pizzelles and formed them into bowls. I filled them with yogurt and topped them off with chocolate chips and sprinkles, a special treat for Vi. She loves yogurt- it’s one of her favorites- but she usually doesn’t get the sweet toppings.

Pizzelle bowl with yogurt breakfast

She was excited over breakfast, but- like me- is not a morning person

Next we did our tradition of presents in pajamas. Why wait all day for one of the best parts of your big day, right?

So excited for presents!

Marshall & Vi have been fighting over Marshall’s doctor scrubs lately, which gave us the idea to get Vi her own doctor set. She was so excited over her pink set and kept shouting “Pretty, pretty!”

The doctors are in!

After a quick change I showed Vi her special birthday game I made. All in theme with her love of chocolate chip cookies, I had a poster of her printed and then made little chocolate chip cookie beanbags!

Violet’s chocolate chip cookie bean bag toss

Her young mind was blown

I mean, who would love feeding themselves cookies?!

The kids also rode around in Vi’s new birthday gift from Grandpa. My dad definitely spoiled her with the new pink jeep!

The car has a remote so I can steer it with the girls buckled inside. They loved the ride…

Until the 5-0 got em.

Italians show their love with food, it really is something engrained into our DNA. Violet makes it easy, since she loves food. So the day was also dedicated to all of her favorites- with multiple clothes changes in between because she’s the kind of girl who digs in face first. Oy!

Lunch was her ultimate favorite: Asiago Mac with Mozzarella pearls. She couldn’t even be bothered to stop and smile- too much cheese goodness to attend to!

Dinner was another favorite: lomein with shrimp egg rolls and lemonade with watermelon cubes (the lemonade is really a treat because our kids only drink milk and water except for special occasions)

Giant cookie instead of cake! (Recipe here)

Here’s the “digging in face first” thing I was talking about earlier

And finally: bedtime treat of chocolate chip cookie dough shake.

She’s in heaven in this pic

We broke the “no screen time” rule to have a movie night in pajamas, renting Boss Baby for the occasion. Fitting, as Violet is definitely the little boss of our house.

After the movie the kids went to sleep relatively easily (taking into consideration all the sugar). And I was extremely grateful. Not just for the bedtime- though I was really thankful for that- but also for having Vi at all. Having all three of my kids.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but it matters to talk about it, Vi being a rainbow baby. The hurt that finally resulted in her.

We have finally had her for as long as the storms lasted. It’s strange how fast birth to age two has gone when that same time span felt like decades waiting on her. A dream that always felt out of reach.

The irony is that her birth month, August, was also the month it all started years prior.

I will be writing a special post on the 26th- the day it all started back in 2013- discussing loss, grief, and how to help loved ones cope.

For now, I’m grateful to have this beautiful rainbow.

Happy second birthday, Vi. Stay strong, kind, and brave.


Vi’s Birth Story

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