Welcome to our family blog!  We cook, craft, create- and on occasion crumble.  A family of four trying our best to make the best of rainy days.  Navigating parenting as well as we can and learning some things about ourselves in the process.

Our son, Marshall, loves books, sports, arts, and adventure.  He also has a neurological disorder called Apraxia of Speech and while that does not define him as a person, it does have a lot of influence on how my husband and I parent.  Our daughter, Violet, is the feistiest baby around; she loves music, dancing, laughing, and exploring.  My husband works in law enforcement but his favorite title is Papa (Italian for dad/daddy).  I am a former preschool teacher turned stay at home mom.  We use natural parenting techniques and will share our tips and tricks in aspects to that as well.

Feel free to follow along with us on this journey and let us know what you think!