He is the Good

He polishes his badge with the same care as he bathes his newborn.  He irons perfect creases into his uniform.  Once dressed and double-checked, he radios in to dispatch “10-8 for shift, good morning.” Continue reading


When Danger Knocks

September 2, 2014.

We were living in a quiet northern suburb of Kansas City.  Brad worked overnights and we were fresh off of Labor Day weekend.

Marshall (then two years old) and I were just waking up for the day; still in our pajamas, we made our way to the kitchen to get started on breakfast as day barely broke over the city.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Continue reading

How I Empathize 

“You are too sensitive, a bleeding heart.” My dad would tell me as a little girl.  From a young age, I have possessed a very strong ability to empathize.  I see or hear people’s stories and I’m instantly transported; I am dropped into their shoes and feel their pain, drawing on my own fears to relate.

Enter Black Lives Matter.  Enter the call for reforms in law enforcement and protests in the streets.   Continue reading

A Call for Change

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”

-Edmund Burke

I often find myself staying quiet online, when an officer is involved in a shooting. Fearing that my words may not be enough, that knowing I am married to an officer will skew my words when you cannot hear the sincerity in my voice. No longer letting my self-consciousness get in the way, I’m going to try to give this my best shot and hopefully get my point across.  Continue reading

A Knock at the Door

Melissa Rae's photo.When word releases that an officer is down, it usually hits the “blue line family” before the general public. During that time, every spouse of a LEO must keep this information to themselves and it leads to a lot of reflection.

At first,my mind always goes to that family and what they are going through. My heart aches when I hear the fallen’s name and see their face; when I see the wife and the children, tears can’t be stopped. Continue reading

At Home 

Dark is falling and with it trouble arises.  The officer puts on his kevlar vest and holsters his gun as little eyes watch from the next room.

“I love you buddy, be good and listen to mom, okay?” The officer stands well over six feet tall, but his voice is soft and gentle as he speaks on a bent knee.

“I love you too papa, I miss you, be safe!” His son chirps back.  Be safe, a concept foreign to most four-year olds but not at all lost on this one in particular.  With a hug and kiss they part, the officer kisses his wife and the small baby she holds in her arms, walking out of the door- leaving his family behind. Continue reading

14th Day: Blue Christmas

  On the fourteenth day, we did some small gestures for those who sacrifice so much for us.
  Marshall has grown up always knowing every officer of his hometown, seeing the uniforms in his dad’s closet, having his dad miss holidays and school events.  He knows more about the sacrifices and the hard work police put in day in and day out than most children- even more than some adults.  He’s also been around the fire trucks of the firefighters and seen his grandpa’s photographs from his time in the Marine Corp.  It was our turn to give back to these people, to show our deep appreciation for our heroes.

Continue reading