Cloth Diapering: Diaper Cream and Liners

We chose cloth diapers because of our experience with disposables.  Marshall consistently had awful, painful rashes.  The pediatrician recommended different creams and combinations before ultimately suggesting cloth diapering.  It seemed crazy to us then, but since exclusively cloth diapering with Vi we understand.  Cloth- when properly cared for with a good wash routine– really does cut down on the instances of rashes.  This far, I can probably count on one hand how many rashes Vi has had and none of them come close to Marshall’s bleeding, blistering rashes from disposables.  Really, the majority of the time she has gotten rashes was when we put her in disposables when on the road or for the occasional sitter.

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Cloth Diapering: Why we chose cloth

There has always been a few ideals I’ve held near and dear to me: be kind to others, be kind to the Earth, and live frugally (so you can put the money back into people and the community).  Cloth diapering checks all of these boxes and more.

When I was pregnant with Marshall, my first child, I contemplated cloth diapering.  We were young- I was just 22 and Brad 24- we were just starting out in life and got pregnant sooner than we expected.  I’m basically saying: we were broke.  We toyed with the idea so we could save money, but eventually discarded the thought of cloth in favor of disposables.  The whole prospect seemed intimidating to us. Continue reading