Pumpkin Carving (and Treats!)

My grandmother was a short little Italian woman, who lived through the Great Depression, and was a devout Roman Catholic.  She was very poor for the good portion of her life, but she showed her love through food.  One thing she would often say (after “mangia, mangia!”; Italian for “eat, eat!”) was that wasting was sinning.  I often hear her words when it comes to various things, and pumpkin carving is no different!

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The Littlest Chef

Marshall has taught me so much about parenting- and not just because he is my first born.  Since I first found out I was pregnant with him, he has done things his own way and forced me to adapt.  Though, that story is for another day.

At the age of two and a half Marshall was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech, Autism was firmly and swiftly ruled out, but oral sensory issues were also becoming more and more apparent.

I dreaded (and often still do) eating out at restaurants with my son, sharing meals with friends and family- hell, I often just feared mealtime altogether. Continue reading