Violet’s Golden 1st Birthday Party

Yesterday, we gathered with family to celebrate Violet’s golden first birthday!  We went with a gold and mint color scheme for the occasion with some hints of rainbow throughout the party as a nod to our journey to this moment. Continue reading


DIY Barefoot Sandals

Okay, this is one of my favorite little summer accessories for my beach baby: barefoot sandals!

As you may know, when babies are learning to walk, it is actually recommended that they do not wear thick-soled shoes.  If you cannot bend the show completely in half, it isn’t great to have on a newly walking/ learning to walk baby.  Most pediatricians and experts agree that just socks or barefoot (when in a safe environment) is best for little feet. Enter barefoot sandals! Continue reading

Story time to Scribe

Since Marshall was just a bit younger than Vi is now, we have always made it a point to get our little ones into their local library.  With Marshall, I was working during the day and Brad would work straight night shifts.  Brad would bring Marshall into story time, the only dad among all the moms and nannies.  Now it is my turn to bring the kids in while Brad is at work.

Both get so excited when they see the library.  They love having the librarian read to them and asking them questions about what they just heard.  Afterward, we always stick around to browse the books.

Continue reading