Marshall’s 6th Birthday Party: Superheroes 

Marshall is the kid that plans his next birthday literally the day after his last one. So we’ve known for a year now that he was wanting a superhero birthday with his friends.  Continue reading


Today, you are five

Being a mom on birthdays is such a weird assortment of feelings.  I remember the day he was born, and with Marshall it was also the day I really became a mom.  I think about how fast five years has flown by, but on the other hand it’s like I can’t remember what life was before having him here.  I get excited to see what the upcoming year will bring my ever-growing boy, but also a little sad that we are closing the chapter on the past year.  Now a five year old, I can’t really call him my toddler anymore.  He doesn’t even accept being called a big boy, nope, now at five he insists on the title of “kid”.

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Marshall’s Fifth Birthday (Mario themed)

For Marshall’s fifth birthday, he requested a Mario Kart/ Super Mario theme.  I’m not a person that loves to incorporate a lot of TV or video game characters into our parties (or books…or clothes) but I figured we could make it fun and it’s his special day after all!

Just like last year, Marshall asked if he could invite classmates to his party.  I’ve met some local moms since last year and I knew his teacher, so Brad and I thought this may be a good year to actually allow him to invite kids from school.

The Super Marshall invitations. You pull the mushroom out of the mystery box to get all the fun party details.

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