Coping with Miscarriage 

Miscarriage really is a beast all of its own. As soon as you find out that you’re pregnant, you start envisioning a different future. What your family will look like, how day-to-day life will be, what this new little being will look and act like. Continue reading


The Storm

Violet is our rainbow baby, our love for her runs incredibly deep and we are grateful beyond measure that she is here.  What is a “rainbow baby” though?  The idea is that a rainbow baby is the child born after a miscarriage or stillbirth.

A storm is treacherous, you need to hunker down with those closest to you and try hard to ride it out.  When the storm is over, the devastation it left is still there for you to have to deal with.  To pick up your lives and try to rebuild using the scraps that have been left behind.  A rainbow is the light and hope that cuts through the devastation.  The promise that brighter days are ahead. Continue reading

Behind the Name: Violet Angeline

Violet Angeline turns one exactly one week from today.  So, in honor of her impending first/ golden birthday, we are going to do a post for her every day this week!

Brad and I are planners by nature.  Before we even planned on having children we had names picked out for them- four names for each gender and the order they would be used.  Years and years ago we had the perfect name picked for the perfect girl: Violet Angeline.   Continue reading

At Home 

Dark is falling and with it trouble arises.  The officer puts on his kevlar vest and holsters his gun as little eyes watch from the next room.

“I love you buddy, be good and listen to mom, okay?” The officer stands well over six feet tall, but his voice is soft and gentle as he speaks on a bent knee.

“I love you too papa, I miss you, be safe!” His son chirps back.  Be safe, a concept foreign to most four-year olds but not at all lost on this one in particular.  With a hug and kiss they part, the officer kisses his wife and the small baby she holds in her arms, walking out of the door- leaving his family behind. Continue reading

The Empty Box

image3 (1)

I opened the crisp envelope, just knowing that it would contain a glowing evaluation of my genius son.  Knowing that all the hard work he has put in will shine through.

I began reading it with a smile and ended it in tears, he did not meet one goal.  Not ONE.  His speech therapist wrote kindly of how hard Marshall works, how he is laser focused, how much he impresses her.  All the things you would hope to hear, yet no goals met.  Marshall’s speech is estimated to be 40% intelligible to those not familiar to him.  How?  He works so hard! Continue reading

7th Day: Christmas On the River & Appreciating Dada

On the 7th day of our 25 Days of Christmas we went to Christmas on the River, a Parkville tradition!  Brad had to work at the event since it is such a huge celebration that takes up the entire park and majority of Main Street.  Tricia also happened to have to work that evening at her hostessing job in Parkville.  So that just left me and Marshall to hang out at Christmas on the River.
Continue reading