Every Student Succeeds?

In 2001, President George W. Bush passed “No Child Left Behind”. It had its issues and after some work (a Republican majority Congress) and President Barack Obama passed the “Every Student Succeeds Act” in 2015. Continue reading


Blood and Tears

Just over a month ago I started drafting a post about the gun violence we face in America. Triggered by the Las Vegas shooting, I found comfort in writing an angry and emotional post. Wanting to keep a lighthearted tone, I shelved it. But here we are again, another day in America. Another mass shooting.

Thoughts and prayers with the victims and their families. Continue reading

Earth Day

We’ve long used Earth day as a day of learning and fun.  Last year we spent the day at The Great Cloth Diaper Change, an international event that aims to educate and raise awareness on the ease of modern cloth diapers.

Papa was one of the only daddies that changed a baby at the event. Vi was obviously very excited to be part of the movement.

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Lessons My Children Have Taught Me

I have a number of posts I have written and queued up since the results came out on Tuesday.  Why the results are hurting a number of people, personal stories of why he (and his followers) do not represent me or support me, why we can’t simply just “get over it”…believe me- I have an opinion and have been writing.  Writing, for me, has always been an outlet and therapeutic.

Nothing seems quite as fitting for the blog- or as hopeful for the future- as sharing some lessons I have learned from my children and how I will apply them going forward.

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Refugees and Analogies 

Recently, there was a “possible act of terrorism” in my home state.  Cross Roads Mall in St. Cloud Minnesota saw a violent man tear through, leaving 10 people injured by stab wounds until he was shot by an off duty police officer.

St. Cloud is my husband’s home town, it is where we met at St. Cloud State University…I even worked in the Cross Roads Mall while going to college.  This hit very close to home, very close to our heart. Continue reading