Recognizing and Finding Help with Delays

It’s a question I get pretty often “How did you know that Marshall was delayed?” Being a first time mom- and a relatively young one at that- how did I recognize that things weren’t quite right?  Continue reading


Story time to Scribe

Since Marshall was just a bit younger than Vi is now, we have always made it a point to get our little ones into their local library.  With Marshall, I was working during the day and Brad would work straight night shifts.  Brad would bring Marshall into story time, the only dad among all the moms and nannies.  Now it is my turn to bring the kids in while Brad is at work.

Both get so excited when they see the library.  They love having the librarian read to them and asking them questions about what they just heard.  Afterward, we always stick around to browse the books.

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The Empty Box

image3 (1)

I opened the crisp envelope, just knowing that it would contain a glowing evaluation of my genius son.  Knowing that all the hard work he has put in will shine through.

I began reading it with a smile and ended it in tears, he did not meet one goal.  Not ONE.  His speech therapist wrote kindly of how hard Marshall works, how he is laser focused, how much he impresses her.  All the things you would hope to hear, yet no goals met.  Marshall’s speech is estimated to be 40% intelligible to those not familiar to him.  How?  He works so hard! Continue reading