Happy 2nd Birthday, Violet Angeline

Per tradition in our home, we always have a themed party for our kids and then a separate celebration at home on their actual birthday. This year, Brad was gone on another training so it was just me and the kids.  Continue reading


Fourth of July ’17

Beer! Grilling! Freedom!  That’s right, the Fourth of July has already arrived (summer is seriously flying!) and we were thrilled to have Brad off of work to celebrate with us.  Back when he worked in Kansas City, he would literally work 20 of the 24 hours during Independence Day; having him home with us on the occasional holiday is definitely the upside of moving back to Minnesota. Continue reading

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 

This year we aren’t waiting until our 25 Days of Christmas to get our tree!  Because of time constraints and upcoming prenatal appointments, we are pushing our tradition of getting a tree up a week.

Really, we’ve been breaking tradition already this holiday season.  The kids already picked out their annual Christmas ornament.

Carefully looking over all the options

Ornaments ’16: Marshall picked a Mack truck that had a load of presents in it’s box and Vi picked out a purple My Little Pony ornament

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Pumpkin Carving (and Treats!)

My grandmother was a short little Italian woman, who lived through the Great Depression, and was a devout Roman Catholic.  She was very poor for the good portion of her life, but she showed her love through food.  One thing she would often say (after “mangia, mangia!”; Italian for “eat, eat!”) was that wasting was sinning.  I often hear her words when it comes to various things, and pumpkin carving is no different!

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